Who are we?

A little background knowledge about the folks behind Mums-not

Mandy Mo

After a variety performance of a working life, from a singing career to painting murals, Mandy has alighted for the moment on the portrait painting and art teaching stage. Her writing waits eagerly in the wings for bit parts and supporting roles, getting on its soapbox every now and again for a bit of light relief.

Being a not-mum and nosey sort of person Mandy loves to find out about other people and so created Mums-not with her good friend and writing partner Jenni. 

Jenni Flo

Jenni is an ex-marketer currently finding her new path. This path is littered with half finished novels and plays. After working in marketing for nearly 20 years, she’s now a writer and soon-to-be Masters student. Jenni lives in West Berkshire with her husband, son and dog. She’s the only mum at Mums-not, but promises not to talk about it, mainly because she agrees that modern culture is filled with references to parenting, and non-mums needs a space to be themselves.