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Whether you are a not-mum by choice, or had it foisted upon you, you are welcome aboard.

Here we’ll endeavour to bring you uplifting and encouraging stories from some wonderful people, lifting the lid on their not-mum lives and having a peek inside. Through our community, we’ll cover some engaging and stimulating topics and then have the chance to chat over the virtual garden fence afterwards. While the idea is not to be a support group, we hope you will all find some positive words of wisdom to help you along your way, as well as some entertainment to enjoy with a cup of tea and a biscuit.

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Mums-not ethos:

  • You must be a member to take part in discussions relating to the posts.
  • We aim to keep our posts free from politics if we can help it.
  • Please be kind and considerate to other contributors.
  • This is an inclusive space where we encourage diverse voices, any posts which go against this will be deleted.
  • If you are a troll, go and brush your hair – upwards.

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Lifting the lid on not-mum lives and having a peek inside

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