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Let’s start off the new year with a big ‘KERRANG!’ of a power chord and shake off the winter blues. Put your Christmas pants back in the drawer and tuck away the tinsel. It’s time to buckle up for a positive ride into 2022, fearlessly getting on with what we’ve been putting off, eating more fruit and letting go of all those things that wake us up trembling at 3am. The WTF moments of the year we’ve just had can ‘do one’ and we can motor on into sunnier climes because, don’t forget, there is always hope on the horizon.

It’s the second day of January and I’ve just come back from a squelchy walk around the fields, splatwhumping (as my sister Kate calls it)  in the puddles, I’ve got mud splats and cowpats all up my trousers and a smile on my face. I don’t think you can have a good time without getting muck on your trousers. My favourite New Year’s Eve was spent in Ireland in 1993, I had a broken heart and wore light coloured jodhpurs, don’t ask me why, I didn’t have a horse. The pints of Guinness were lined up on the bar at the pub ready for us revellers, I’ve never been in such a glad and rambunctious crowd. Midnight came and we all jumped up and down to the music as one. Needless to say my jodhpurs were a completely different colour on New Year’s morning and my heart was well on the road to recovery.

We’ve all had a challenging time of it in the last couple of Covid ridden years, but 2021 had its good bits didn’t it? For example, Mums-not came blasting off the launch pad in March and what a lovely thing that was. We really must say some hearty thankyous to our contributors, Sarah, Marcia, Katy, Davina, Grans-not Gran, Emma, Helen and Donna. We were really lucky to have you share your stories with us and give us some thought-provoking insights into your not-mum lives. Congratulations Katy the pilot on your MBE! And a big thank you all our subscribers, you wonderful people. We’re so happy to have your company.

And what larks – we were in the Newbury Weekly News in November! Thank you Sarah Bosley for the article, we loved meeting you. 

We’ve got high hopes for the future and will be bringing you some new Mums-not features for your entertainment in the coming weeks. Until then I will carry on balancing my chakras – very important you know. You can’t go around with your chakras out of whack now can you? I’ll also carry on with my loving kindness and compassion practice and try to love everyone equally – even the complete arseholes. I don’t know how that’s going to work out yet, I’ll keep you updated. 

Jenni will carry on being a really good egg and working hard for her MA, and we’ll both look forward to welcoming new readers and contributors. If you’d like to write us a blog, don’t hold back, we’d love to read it. Tell us what you’ll be up to in 2022

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