Merry Christmas!

So here it is again. Already? Is it just the lock-down time warp or is Christmas coming around again far too quickly? As we get older, could we celebrate Christmas every two or three years?  It’s fine for the under thirties to do this every year, a year seems longer for them, but for others it feels too soon to have another one. A lot of people do say that ‘Christmas is really all about the kids!’ anyway. If that’s true, and you don’t have children, then perhaps it can be whatever you want it to be!     

For many people Christmas can be an emotional minefield, either due to absent friends or lack of new additions. That’s a very real downside of a joyous national holiday. But what if it’s also an opportunity for pure, unadulterated time for yourself?  To do whatever you want or need to do at this time of year. So I asked my childfree friends (either by choice or not), what they like about Christmas without kids. Here’s the shortlist!       

  1. Wine o’clock every lunchtime during the holiday, knowing you don’t need to do a car run to collect children.  
  2. No 5.00am ‘Saaanta’s been!’ alarm call on Christmas morning.     
  3. No need to spend hours building toys that you know will be loved for only an excruciatingly short time.
  4. No over-tired tantrums during a sugar induced comedown!  (At least not by kids.)
  5. The joy of a long lunch with friends, free from the obligation of going home to make dinner for a hungry household. 
  6. Considerably less time spent Christmas shopping. No need to start shopping in November to ensure that you’ve secured the ‘must have’ toy. 
  7. If you chose to go on holiday, you’re doing so knowing that you’re not denying precious grandparent time, or that children won’t miss a major milestone in the social calendar. 
  8. No macaroni decorations. Your home can be decorated exactly as you chose without obligation. Or if, like me, you’d rather not spend hours putting up and taking down any decorations, that is also fine! 
  9. No Elf on the Shelf! Enough said. 
  10. The opportunity to create new traditions – each year doesn’t have to follow the same routine because you don’t need to accommodate so many people.   

The one consistent theme was that it’s a time to spend with the people you love. This year, again, much of that time will be outdoors or virtual, but I hope we can all find a way to have safe and healthy quality time with family and friends. And if you’re an essential worker, keeping the country running during the holidays, the Mumsnot community are truly grateful!  

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Davina is a child-neutral woman from Edinburgh. She runs her own PR company and is still working to perfect a kick-ass frangipane.

Contact her on Instagram @mistywyper 

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