I was in the bath the other evening, soaking in some lavender and lemongrass Epsom salts pondering on that morning’s Chris Evans breakfast show, when I had an idea.

WelcomeI love the show and the team of presenters, but because I’m a not a mum it got me thinking about how much coverage there is in the everyday media on being a parent. I love to hear Chris and the team chat on about their kids, but even now, though I’m now in my fifties, I find I’m still slightly tuned in to feeling that I missed out. My musings then led me to wonder how other non-mums are living their lives, as you don’t hear much about them do you? I have a few amazing non-mum friends, but where are all the other women, the ones who chose not to listen out for the pitter patter of tiny feet?  And the ones who, like me, tried but didn’t get to the finish line, or the ones who just plain missed the boat and were left sobbing into a pint of gin? I wanted to know.

Whenever I meet or even hear about another not-mum I get a lovely sense of sisterhood, and then I don’t feel alone; I feel connected. As my idea grew and my bathwater went cold, I knew I had to do something about it. If there were women out there who, like me, are doing okay or maybe even leading extraordinarily fulfilled and happy lives, I really wanted to hear from them, and they might even want to hear from me and each other. I thought perhaps I could winkle them out and we could all have a chat. I got my PJs on and the Mums-not community was created, the plan being to invite guest not-mums to write about themselves and give us an insight into their lives, all with a view to creating conversations and a community of people who aim to keep each other fuelled with interesting observations about life, or maybe even just laughs. 

Join us today!

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